Letter to the editor policy

October 2016

Chicago Lawyer considers letters to the editor to be an important way to allow our readers to engage with our audience. Letters are part of our mission to enlighten readers and encourage thought and debate on the issues affecting our legal community.

To submit a letter to the editor:

  1. E-mail your letter to editor@LBPC.com. Include your full name, title, firm, phone, e-mail and city. We do not publish anonymous submissions or allow authors to use pseudonyms.
  2. Address your letter to the editor, not as an open letter to third parties, our readers or the general public.
  3. All submissions must be less than 500 words.
  4. Our editors give preference to letters that address an item recently published in Chicago Lawyer, including news articles, court decisions, opinion pieces, other letters or event photographs. As appropriate, please cite the title and publication date of the item you have referenced. We also accept letters on topics that haven’t been covered in Chicago Lawyer that would be pertinent to our readership. Please refrain from personal attacks.
  5. Your submission must be exclusive to Chicago Lawyer, not submitted for publication elsewhere. All content must be written by you, not a ghost writer, and include appropriate citations for reference. If we haven’t confirmed plans to publish your submission within 14 days of receiving it, you may submit it elsewhere.
  6. You must disclose fully any relevant professional, transactional, commercial, financial, litigation-related or political affiliations or interest you may have involving the topic or individuals discussed in your letter.
  7. We don’t publish all letters received. Publication is at the sole discretion of our editors. While we try to keep the editing of letters to a minimum, we do reserve the right to revise submissions as we see fit, for purposes of clarity, brevity and relevance.
  8. For questions regarding this policy, call (312) 644-4033 or e-mail editor@LBPC.com.